Jennifer Aniston Says Society Deems Women 'Useless' Unless They Get Married & Have Kids

Jennifer Aniston Says Society Deems Women 'Useless' Unless They Get Married & Have Kids
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While we romanticize the idea of an eternal bachelor (pre-Amal George Clooney, anyone?), us women who choose to remain single and/or childless are treated as if there's something inherently wrong with them — as if our culture is not entirely sure they are capable of making personal decisions about their own bodies.

Take Jennifer Aniston, for instance: How many times has she wasted her breath squashing pregnancy rumors, even though she's made it quite clear that she simply doesn't want to have children right now? Do we think she'll change her mind if we pester her about it enough?

In an interview with Scottish actress and journalist Lorraine Kelly in late November, Aniston spoke frankly about society's impossibly high standards for women and what it's like to be vocal about choosing to be childless.

"We’re seeing women through that very narrow lens," the 47-year-old actress said. "If we don’t have a baby or a white picket fence or a husband, then we’re useless. We’re aren’t living up to our purpose.

"It’s shocking to me that we are not changing the conversation," she added.

Aniston addressed this issue in Marie Claire's December 2016 cover story, too. 

"I have worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad, childless human," she said.

Whether you agree with Jennifer or not, you've got to applaud her for using her celeb status to promote the idea that every woman, childless or otherwise, has the right to choose.

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