Is This The Most Perfect Shoe Ever Created?

Is This The Most Perfect Shoe Ever Created?
Mime et moi

Every power woman knows the struggle of navigating the urban jungle trying to get to work or an event in heels. The stiletto struggle can make every commute ten times harder. 

Most women struggle having to cram an extra set of flats in their bags so they can switch when their feet give out or vice versa. And we don't know about you but for us the disappointment of having to waste our fierce outfit with a pair of boring ballet flats is such a let down. 

The heel dilemma is the bane of every urbanite shoe lover's life. 

But this German shoe designer is changing the game. Mime et Moi creates shoes that have an interchangeable heel. 

Each pair of shoes comes with a stiletto heel, the size of which you can decide on when ordering. If you want a chunky high heel that's 4 inches high or if you'd rather a skinny 2 incher it's all up to you.  In addition, every shoe comes with a matching flat heel that is interchangeable with the stiletto. 

The designs range in color and style - but all with the same concept. You can even shop for new heels that will match the Mime et Moi shoes you already own. 

To change out your heel, you just pull back a tab on then bottom of the shoe that releases it. Once you've taken on the heel push the tab closed and then slide the new heel in until it clicks into place. Then you just need to put a little bit of pressure to make sure your heel snaps into place and you don't have a mishap in the future. 

No matter if you're wearing the stiletto or the flat heel, no one could ever tell the difference. The best part is that the heels can easily fit into almost any purse, so you won't have to worry about lugging around that giant tote bag with your extra set of flats or heels you just couldn't take wearing anymore. 

The shoes range in from price from $190 to $220 and are made in Europe. 

Perfect to add to your list to Santa this year. 

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