Instead Of Keeping Their Wedding Traditional, This Couple Created a 'Drunk History' Of Their Love Story

Instead Of Keeping Their Wedding Traditional, This Couple Created a 'Drunk History' Of Their Love Story
Justin Willman

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkin decided last year to put every wedding video on blast. Under the structure of the much beloved "Drunk History", this couple decided that for their rehearsal dinner they would present a Drunk History of their first meeting and first date.

The results pretty much speak for themselves:

In this day and age of the internet, it's honestly rare for a video to keep me entertained the entire way through. At first I had a bit of anxiety for the pair that this wasn't going to be great (after all "Drunk History" as a show sets a pretty high bar), but they were able to blow my expectations out of the water.

First of all clearly these two met in the entertainment capital of the world because the production value is through the roof. Not only that, the actors that they got to play themselves should be nominated for an Emmy or something. I don't know if you can get an Emmy for a Wedding video posted onto YouTube but dammit you should be able to!

Not only is the video delightful for the reasons above, but it's a simple love story of a boy meets girl set in the modern age (perhaps then it should be girl meets boy?). You don't always automatically meet and hit it off. In fact this (future) couple had to have multiple interactions before they finally connected... through Instagram.

If this video wasn't enough, let's just up the stakes by adding the fact that Justin Willman is a distinguished magician. He's a showman, and clearly Jill doesn't mind so much because for their first dance they put together a performance better than anything Mary Poppins could have snapped into existence. Check it out here: 

Honestly I think every future couple to be should appreciate Justin and Jillian putting out this video. It sets the bar so high (professional entertainers and lifelong masters of the craft of magic) that people shouldn't even bother trying. You don't have a 4K camera, you don't have a team of professional actors, you don't have trade secrets kept under lock and key within the magic castle. 

What you hopefully do have is love though, and everyone will enjoy the wedding because of that.

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