If You've Ever Experienced the Pain of Stepping on a LEGO, Your Prayers Have Been Answered!

If You've Ever Experienced the Pain of Stepping on a LEGO, Your Prayers Have Been Answered!
strawberryorange via BurdaStyle

LEGOs are awesome toys. They let your kids be creative and get them away from the computer. Sounds great, right? But you want to chuck them all in the trash the second you feel the horrible pain of stepping on a LEGO.

We've all experienced it. Maybe on a late night, trying to get to the bathroom without waking up the kids, when you step on that little toy from hell. Your vocabulary disappears and suddenly you can only think in F bombs. You mumble, "I've said it a hundred times, put your F*$%)#!! TOYS AWAY!" LEGO rage. It's real.

In 66 years years, the company hasn't done anything to stop a parent's anguish. They've never made  jelly LEGOs (though that would be awesome). Or maybe a play set called "The Fun of Cleaning Up Your Toys."

Well, LEGO is finally doing something to stop your pain. Working with the French Agency, Brand Station, they've made LEGO proof slippers! No, they aren't made of Teflon or other bullet proof material. These slip-on's have a bunch of soft padding sewn into the sole, so you won't want to sell your soul to the Devil to get rid of your kids loose LEGOs.

These slippers are not be the most fashion forward. The blocky look and square toe is a little too 90's, even for us. But hey, these aren't for the Met Gala. These are for flaunting around the war zone that is your kids room and feeling liberated by your new pain-free life.

Lego Shoes

Don't get too excited, yet. These slippers will be made in a limited batch of 1,500 and given at random to parents who fill out a Wishlist on LEGOs French website. Damn, France! Now, the French have another reason to claim their Moms are better than us. We'd all be more relaxed parents if we didn't live in fear of horrible foot pain every day!

Hopefully, this new shoe will be successful enough to get a world wide release. It's not hard to imagine tons of parents swooping in to buy these contraptions.

Until then, keep your eyes on the floor, step lightly, and check your corners. Those LEGOs could be lurking anywhere!

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