How Your Cycling Class Could Be Killing Your Vajayjay

How Your Cycling Class Could Be Killing Your Vajayjay

Remember when you ditched out on cycling with your girls the other day (and for the past six months) well it turns out you were doing your vagina a huge favor because real science has shown that those classes, and bicycles in general, aren’t that great for keeping your pleasure zone up and running.

Back in 2012 The Journal of Sexual Medicine published this study. So hold up, this has been out there for four years and no one has warned us? Thanks a lot science reporters. Anyways, this study, from what seems like a decade ago showed legit proof about how the position of the handlebars on bikes - be it stationary or not - can decrease the sensitivity in your vagina.

To come up with that they compared women who rode a bike for 10 miles a week to women who ran and yup, the ladies doing traditional cardio could feel more in their vaginal area at the end of the study. And it all had to do with the position of the handlebars on those bikes ladies.

In scientific terms, “Handlebars positioned lower than the saddle were significantly associated with increased perineum saddle pressures and decreased genital sensation in female cyclists. Modifying bicycle setup may help alleviate neuropathies in females. Additional research is warranted to further assess the extent of the associations.”

According to this list though, there are at least 30 benefits to cycling. Things like sleeping more, living longer and avoiding pollution mean nothing if you can't feel or enjoy your bedroom antics 100%. Another thing this list claims is that it'll "Improve you sex life." Guess they haven't read what these educated men and women had to say about the horrors of their beloved cycling.

So if you dare go back to the desensitizing vagina cycling classes, make sure to tell your spin instructor that not to be rude, but you’d appreciate if they could adjust those handlebars higher because you would rather have great sex that a better core. What is the point of getting in shape if you can’t feel anything south of the border?

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