"Brazilian Butt Lifts" Are on the Rise... Here are Some Natural Ways to Pump Up Your Tush!

"Brazilian Butt Lifts" Are on the Rise... Here are Some Natural Ways to Pump Up Your Tush!
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Whether or not it's bikini season, we want you to look and feel your best, especially when it comes to your booty. Remember ladies, you want to look good coming AND going. Here are 7 natural ways to get that booty looking firm and tight.

Curtsy Lunge

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Curtsy lunges will target your glutes and quads. With this workout you will start out in a standing position with your feet about hip width apart. You will then step your right foot behind your left and bend your knees as if you are going to kneel or curtsy, hence the term "curtsy lunge". Make sure not to hit your back knee to the floor, it should hover over it. Stand back up in your starting position and then switch sides. Repeat for 20 reps each leg for 3 sets.

Split Squat

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With a good booty must come good legs. This workout will target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Standing upright in front of a bench, couch, or chair, place your right foot behind you on the raised surface. Once you have your balance, bend your knee, lowering your body towards the floor. Be sure to keep your back straight and that your knee does not go past your ankle to prevent injury. Then, stand back up with your hind leg behind still rested on the raised surface. Repeat for 20 reps each leg for 2 sets.


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If you do not have access to a gym or a bar with weights, you can simply use dumbbells (or cans of soup) for this next exercise. With your bar or weights placed in front of your feet, you will start standing upright with your feet planted about hip width apart. Reach down for your weights, and with a slight bend at the knee, straighten up while picking up your weights. You will want to keep your back flat the whole time (no hunching). Once you reach your standing position holding your weight and your knees straightened (do not completely lock them) you may slowly lower back down. Make sure to do this in a controlled position. Repeat for 10 reps for 3 sets.

Hip Raises

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This workout can be done with added weight if you use a weighted plate and place it on your hips. For this workout you will begin by lying on your back with your knees up as if you are going to do a sit-up. Have your feet a few inches apart. From there you will push your feet into the ground, raising your hip towards the sky and squeezing that bum. Once your body makes a diagonal line from your knees down to your chest, you will pause then slowly lower back down to your starting position. Repeat for 25 times for 4 sets. For an extra burn, try completing the hip raises with one leg raised towards the sky, balancing all of your weight with only one planted foot. Switch feet to even it out.

Squat Jumps

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Squat jumps are a great plyometric workout that'll target your legs and butt while getting a great cardiovascular workout. Start out by standing up straight with your feet about hip width apart. Bend at the knees as if you are going to sit in a chair and jump straight up towards the sky with your arms up as well. Land back into your squatting position and jump back up. Repeat for 20 jumps, 3 sets.

Donkey Kicks

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Donkey kicks are a simple move that'll have your glutes working quick. You will start out on all fours (hands and knees). From there, you will kick your right leg back and up with your foot flexed and parallel with the sky. You will lower your foot back down to starting position to complete one rep. Do 25 reps each leg for 4 reps. Feel free to do this with ankle weights for an added challenge.

Standing Glute Kickbacks

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Standing kickbacks are an easy, non-impact workout that'll surely target the glutes. Stand straight up and kick your right leg back keeping your back and chest up straight. Repeat for 30 kicks for each leg, 3 reps. For a harder workout, use a resistance band around your ankles.

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