According To This New Study, These Are The Two Happiest Ages In Life

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It seems like millennials and baby boomers have something in common after all! While the younger years in a person's life are commonly referred to as the "glory days," a scientific study has concluded that there's another stage in life that can be considered as our prime, and it doesn't come until we're much older.

A recent study from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences has pinpointed the ages at which people claim they are the happiest. The research team polled 23,000 Germans from the ages of 17 to 85, and asked them how satisfied they were in their lives and to predict how they would feel in five years time. The same group of people were asked the same questions five years later, and the results were pretty fascinating. 

The data pulled from the poll revealed that our happiness follows a U-shaped curve, peaking at the age of 23, and then again at 69.

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The result may not come as a surprise. We live our best lives in our early 20s, when we're just starting to become independent. Our late 60s, on the other hand, is the time where we reap the benefits of retirement. They're called the golden years, after all. The researchers further explained that the outcome was due to the fact that young people tend to overestimate their future life satisfaction while older people do the exact opposite, hence, the U-shape of the curve. 

The line "nobody likes you when you're 23" makes total sense now. It must be because people are just jealous! If you're just approaching your 24th birthday, don't despair, it doesn't mean that you're going to spend the next 45 years under a constant state of gloom. 

If this research is any indication, then it must mean that happiness isn't fixed, regardless of age. It's up to you to find what makes you happy. 

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