A Badass Mom Made Breastfeeding Barbies & They're Truly Stunning

A Badass Mom Made Breastfeeding Barbies & They're Truly Stunning
Betty Strachan (@allthelittledolls) via Twitter

You probably thought you were over Barbies, right? Well, get ready to start playing with dolls again because there's a new Barbie that every mom will be dying to have.

Betty Strachan has been repainting dolls for years and selling them on Etsy. One day she created a doll that seemed to perfectly fit how she and so many other moms felt. Betty didn't just settle on the look, but posed the doll so it was breastfeeding to keep it even more real.

Isn't that amazing?! One, Betty does not make these dolls. She takes the typical paint off of the normal Barbie (or Barbie type doll) and repaints the face to give it a more natural look. And this one is just spot on.

The tired but happy look on her eyes seems to sum up motherhood perfectly. She doesn't look miserable, but doesn't look like she's ready to go mountain climbing after the baby gets off the boob either. There's a hint of circles under the eyes (too real for moms) but she's still beautiful.

Plus, having a doll that breastfeeds helps show the beauty of it. Breast feeding is the most natural thing for humans to do, but women are still shamed daily for daring to feed their baby publicly. But, if kids were playing with breastfeeding dolls from day one, it might all seem perfectly normal.

Betty has a wide range of dolls and her work is really amazing. 

This mom has a little bit of a Khalesi braid from Game of Thrones going on, so that's fierce.

And Betty doesn't make her dolls the normal parade of whiteness that you usually see. She can completely customize any doll, so you and your girl could actually have a doll that represents their race, heritage, and skin color.

If you're not in the mood for a mom or a mother and child doll, Betty still has lots of options.

The eyes are so expressive! And the doll might just be wearing a piece of tissue paper, but we're still stealing that look. 

Check out Betty's stuff if you'd like to give your kid some more realistic dolls. Or if you want one for yourself, we won't judge.

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