This Is the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Zodiac Sign

This Is the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Zodiac Sign

Shopping for summer swimsuits can be a nightmare. There are millions of styles throughout millions of stores, and narrowing your choice down feels impossible. However, if you trust in the zodiac enough, the your perfect swimsuit is written in the stars. Let's see what your swimsuit should be this summer based on your sign!


You're fearless and you need a bikini to match your feisty spirit. This one piece shows off skin with its cut outs and mesh panels, but will keep you strapped in and ready for any adventure the day might bring. You can find this swimsuit at Nasty Gal.


Your even-tempered personality shines through every aspect of your life, but especially in your wardrobe. You love neutral colors and minimalist shapes and textures, which is why this strapless and high-waisted bikini is perfect for you. You can get your own at Everything But Water.


You are truly a ball of energy, Gemini. Your ideal summer day is playing volleyball and body surfing on a crowded beach, making tons of friends along the way. Attract your fellow beach bums with this equally high energy neoprene bikini. Pick one up at Triangl.


What better way to celebrate a passionate sign like yourself than a red bikini? This shade of poppy red and scalloped edges are reminiscent of the pin up era of swimsuits, while the strapless top keeps you looking youthful. You can find this bikini at J.Crew.


A confident babe like you could rock any swimsuit on the planet, but this strappy and sexy almost one piece is perfect for you. With straps in the back and the front, you won't need to accessorize with any body chains. You can get your own sexy suit at Topshop.


Thoughtful Virgo, everyone sees you as the brainy girl. Little do they know that inside, theres a wild child waiting patiently to escape. Set your inner self free with this dramatic plunging neckline and tasteful one piece from Urban Outfitters.


As one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, you love to look your best while maintaining an air of approachability. This lovely cream-colored crocheted two piece is cool without being too intimidating. Pair it with a short pastel caftan for the perfect coverup! Find this suit at Urban Outfitters.


As a Scorpio, you are complex creature. You have a dark side you don't mind embracing and sexy is your middle name. This cheetah print bikini will tell the world that you're not afraid of a wild time. Find this bikini at Nasty Gal.


You love anything that isn't mainstream, and this bikini is definitely far from average. The '90s are alive with this colorful spectacle, so pair it with your favorite choker necklace and some body glitter for a flawlessly fun look. You can get this two piece for yourself at ASOS.


Capricorns are practical, so you need a practical bikini. The classic polkadot bikini is versatile, not too flashy, but is still sure to turn heads. What's more, this suit's high waisted bottoms and underwire top offer all day support. You can find this at Nordstrom.


Your focus in life is innovation. By constantly moving forward and avoiding the boring trends everyone else is sporting, your style is the topic of conversation everywhere you go. This totally unique ruffled top and bright high-waisted combo is a winner. You can get yours at ASOS.


As the most romantic sign of the zodiac, you deserve a swimsuit that complements your warm heart. This one piece floral suit gets some serious edge through its mesh panelling and neckline. Pair it with your favorite wide brimmed hat for the perfect Pisces look. You can grab your own suit at ASOS.

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