Want Perfect Pouty Lips? Forget The Injections & Do These Mouth Workouts Instead!

red puffy lips

Lips are beautiful, we all know it. But none of us love the look of fake, overdone injections. So how do you solve the riddle of perfectly pouty lips while keeping things au naturale?

The answer is you work them out, just like any other part of your bod you want to shine! Stimulating the region around your mouth with a little exercise can both boost your lip muscles and encourage your own body's production of natural collagen, giving you a little extra plumpness right where you want it. A bit of facial yoga on the regs can go a long way toward making you feel as sexy as you really are, and you might get a little extra attention for your pouty cuteness.

Here are the simple steps you need to take every day to grow your lips naturally, and take your beautiful smile to the next level with some lovely, pouty lips.

Drink Some Water

drink water for lips

Prep for your workout with a tall glass of water. The better you hydrate, the fuller and shinier your lips will naturally look. Plus, any kind of workout will release some lactic acids into your system, and H2O will help flush them away. Some lip balm wouldn't hurt either, since you want to keep your lips from getting cracked.

Make A Kissy Face

kissy face

Squeeze your lips and blow kisses for 30 to 60 seconds at a time. Try to work it until you feel the burn, so you know you're actually getting some muscle tear. That way they'll grow back a little bit bigger, just like when you do any other kind of strenuous exercise.

Do Some Lip Circles

lip circles

Keeping the lips scrunched up in a kiss, move them to one side and then the other, holding at each spot for a few seconds. After you've done both sides, rotate your little duck face around in figure eight circles, first one way, then the other. Repeat this whole series about ten times.

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