Connect The Dots With These Trendy New Tattoos

up close of tattoo

Trends in tattoos are as common as those in fashion. Back in the '90s when people were rocking baby doll dresses and plaid tees, they were also sporting tribal bands and dolphin ink. While we love the resurgence of the clothing, we're thankful the ink trends have progressed to more abstract and beautiful tattoos. This year we're seeing a rise in dot tattoos. Tattoos that don't utilize traditional ways when it comes to shading, but rather use dots to get that same effect. In the end, the results are far from ordinary and more than your basic tattoo. 

Read on to take a look at our favorite dot tattoos that span from pieces that look like art, to ones featuring some very interesting characters.

Geo Sleeve

Geometric Tattoo

One of the most popular ways to display your dot art is through beautifully crafted geometric shapes and floral designs.


Under Breast Tattoo

A gorgeous display under the boobs!

Bird Call

Flamingo Tattoo

Delicate and intricate all at the same time.

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