This Is Exactly What Chrissy Teigen's Trainer Eats In A Day


Chrissy Teigen looked completely flawless posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue this year, showing off her toned tummy and lean legs.

Now, meet the celeb trainer that helped Chrissy get her rockin' bikini bod—Simone De La Rue

The Body By Simone founder is a dancer and personal trainer, and her rock-solid celeb client list also includes Taylor Swift. In February, Simone dished what she eats in a typical day to MindBodyGreen

Read on to see how you can eat like Chrissy Teigen's trainer.

Breakfast: Eggs & Toast

Simone De La Rue

Simone says gearing up with some early morning protein is key. "I almost always start with eggs (poached or scrambled), on a piece of gluten-free toast with smashed avocado on it and a side of tomato and turkey," she told MindBodyGreen.

Lunch: Salmon Tacos

Simone De La Rue

At lunch, Simone ditches the tortilla and goes low-carb. "For lunch, I have salmon tacos in lettuce leaves with a side of root vegetables," she said. "My body loves the vegetable, protein, and good fat combination."

Snacks: Hummus & Nuts

Simone De La Rue

"In between meals I snack on hummus, nuts, a protein shake, and lots and lots of water (if that counts as a snack)," Simone said.

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