5 Things You NEED To Know About Getting Down & Dirty In The Pool

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No lie, having sex in the pool is hot (like, incredibly hot). But getting down and dirty in a body of water can be, well, really freakin' dirty. That's not to say there aren't some positives to having sex in the pool, because there totally are. For example, you get to try something kind of freaky with your special someone. And pool sex is a great way to escape the blazing sun. But there are also negatives to having sex in the pool, or any body of water, for that matter. 

Here's everything you need to know about getting down and dirty in a pool.

Pool Water Is Dirty

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Hopefully you know just how dirty pool water really is. No? Well, we're about to really disturb you. Think about how many people swim in that pool. Now, think about all the dirt and germs that those people have. Yeah, those dirt and germs end up in that pool!! Chlorine can help, but chlorine doesn't get rid of all the bacteria. So basically, you'd be having sex in bacteria disguised at water. No thank you. 

There's Poop Everywhere

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We're not saying people poop in pools (although we wouldn't be surprised). But according to the CDC, there's always poop on us, and that poop makes its way into the pool. "The average person has about .14 grams of feces on their rear end" and "if that rinses off into the water, the amount from one person might not be that much. But as more and more swimmers introduce it that much, it does become an issue." So, there you go folks! Have sex in a pool and you might as well be having sex with hundreds of other people's poop.

Water Isn't A Natural Lubricant

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You'd think that since water is slippery and wet, it would make your vagina nice and ready for, umm, you know. But that actually isn't the case. Having sex in water can actually be tougher on your vagina than having sex somewhere else. For whatever reason, being surrounded by water actually makes you drier inside...weird! So unless you have a bottle of lube, sex in a pool is probably going to hurt. 

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