These Are The 2 Highest Calorie Burning Workouts, So Get Ready To Kick Butt And Get Lean

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High Intensity Interval Training, or "HIIT," is an exercise philosophy that has been proven to be one of the most efficient exercise methods to get fit, burn fat, and is also one of the best high calorie burning workouts you could possibly do! Basically, when your body moves quickly between high, moderate, and low intensity workouts, it confuses itself into working more efficiently! Benefits of HIIT workouts include a quicker metabolism (you'll burn calories hours after you've finished your workout!), a shorter time at the gym, more efficient fat-burning, AND you don't need any equipment. Sounds good to us! Read on for two incredible, butt-kicking and high calories burning workouts that'll have you feeling and looking like a summer dream in no time.

THE 60-45-20 METHOD


First up is the 60-45-20 method! This workout was designed by Daphne Yang, a master of all things HIIT, to give the body plenty of time to recover between workouts while working you out in the most efficient way possible. According to Yang, the workout "lets you sculpt the entire body while melting away fat.”

First up: burpees. Do these for 60-seconds, and then rest for 10-seconds.

THE 60-45-20 METHOD

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The second step in this workout is jump lunges. Do these with arm swings for 45-seconds, and take a breather for 10.

THE 60-45-20 METHOD

mountain climber workout

The last part of the sequence is mountain climbers! Do these for -  you guessed i t- 20-seconds. Once you're done, rest up for 10-seconds, and repeat three times!

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