These Bad*ss Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Scream 'Girl Power' At The Top Of Your Lungs

girl power tattoo

Whether it was Susan B. Anthony working to get us the vote or the Spice Girls teaching us the importance standing proud through bubblegum pop, girl power is nothing new. We’re all about it AND all for it, as women have to stick together and power through the patriarchy. We voice our opinions. We march together. Sometimes we even give our feminist ideals a more permanent touch. Yup, feminist tattoos are some of the most inspiring pieces we’ve ever seen. So let’s take a look at these bomb feminist tattoos!

​Nevertheless, She Persisted

Feminist Tattoo

A statement that has gone to inspire women all around the world. We love the words just as we love the imagery that surrounds them in this badass thigh piece.

The #1 Rule

Feminist Tattoo

Some people still have yet to realize that we can do whatever the hell with our bodies. So she decided to make it crystal clear.

​Grow The Real Pair

Ovaries Tattoo

This woman got ovaries for her three daughters. Talk about a powerful mama!

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