The 8 Most Annoying Things About Bras And How To Fix Them

annoying bra problems
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Bras suck, am I right? Aside from being a jail that locks your boobs in for hours each day, there's some other pretty annoying (and common) bra problems we all have at some point. Hint: it's because we're all wearing the wrong sizes.

The correct bra size is critical to form a harmonious bond with your boob supporters. As obvious as it may seem, most of our common bra problems stem from wearing either the wrong cup size or the wrong band size. And it's not our fault either! Sizing varies from brand to brand and sometimes bra fitters just get it wrong. 

From straps that fall off to backs that bulge, here are the most common gripes women have about their intimates and how you can fix them!

The Problem: The Back Band Keeps Rising

rising back band

Your bra's band should be parallel to the floor all the way around your body. If it's not, you're either wearing the wrong band size or the band is too stretched out from wear and tear. Either way, it needs replacing. If this is a common problem for you, try sizing down a band size and up a cup size instead. For instance, if you're currently wearing a 36B, a 34C should keep your band from rising in the back.

The Problem: Pain or Chafing

bra pain or chafing

Bras shouldn't hurt you, despite how much it seems like that's the case. If your bra is hurting you or chafing you, something is clearly wrong. It could just be the fabric. Try something lighter and more breathable, like cotton or lace to see if that solves the chafing problem. If that doesn't help, it's like the wrong support system. If the straps are digging in, causing you to rip off your bra as soon as you walk in the door, it's definitely the wrong size. Try going down a band size and up a cup size. Hint: each breast should be fully encapsulated in the cup, and they should not be touching. 

The Problem: Straps That Slide Down

bra straps

If you're constantly pulling up your bra straps and they still keep sliding down, your straps may have stretched out. Tighten them up every other month to keep things snug. If that doesn't work, you may have narrow or sloped shoulders, which will keep your straps sliding down no matter how tight you make it. Try switching to a different style bra. A racerback, where the straps sit closer together in the back, is a good choice, or one with silicone strips to keep the straps in place (and for added comfort).

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