Stop Paying These 7 Bullshit "Health Gurus" For Their Bullshit Services

Stop Paying These 7 Bullshit "Health Gurus" For Their Bullshit Services
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Sure, your health and wellness are important. But, what healthcare professionals are you paying for that could potentially be doing more harm than good?

We got the low down from a Thrillist healthcare professional who spilled on some experts that well, aren't necessarily experts, because so much of the health and wellness field is unregulated. Take a look and see for yourself, so you can avoid wasting money on these unauthorized professionals.

Unlicensed massage therapists

Massages offered in places such as nail salons, casinos, and mall pop ups are often times not given by accredited professionals, but secondary amenities that could be doing you more harm than good. 

While giving a massage isn't exactly rocket science, you should be sure the people giving you a rub down are licensed to do so. This means they went to an accredited program as well as have a posted certification from the state.


Chiropractors are another healthcare professional that are put under scrutiny as they are supposed to help with back and neck pain; but other more extensive treatments, such as spinal adjustments, or chiropractic adjustments, are not heavily backed, according to scientific research.

Chiropractors believe spinal problems are the root of most medical issues, and thus use realignments to assess the problem. However, studies have linked chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation as a risk factor for strokes.

This doesn't mean a chiropractor isn't beneficial in some cases, but know your limits and do your research.

Life Coaches

Coaching is a broad term that can attach itself to a variety of professions (for a variety of things), but is not always well-regulated. Many times those who are "certified" are done so through a simple questionnaire taken online or a few hour course taken over the weekend.

While life can certainly be a doozy -- and something every individual needs to figure out on their own -- if you feel it absolutely necessary to get a second opinion, make sure he/she is a reputable life coach through something such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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