These Sleeping Positions Can Actually Help Improve Your Relationship

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Did you read the title of this right? Yep. You sure did! There are TONS of titles on how to find the kinds of sex positions that you and your partner will love. But did you know that there are also sleeping positions that can help nurture your relationship, too?

Does it really matter how the two of you sleep? To a certain extent, yes. Being that most of us spend around one-third of our time in bed—and if we’re lucky, in bed with our partner—it’s important to pay attention to how you fall asleep and wake up. According to a lot of relationship therapists, how you sleep reveals a lot of how you feel about your partner, even if you don't consciously realize it.

What are some of the sleeping positions that are proven to improve your relationship? Check them out in the gallery!


couple nuzzling in bed

Nuzzling is really sweet. It’s when one person puts their head on the chest of their partner while their legs are entangled in each other. Those who still watching reruns of Sex & the City will probably remember when Carrie called that being in Aiden’s “nook.”

The only thing that could potentially mess this up is if one of you is a drooler (eww). Otherwise, word on the street is that this position conveys affection, passion, and is a great way to reignite the flame after an argument. It’s a way to assure one another that, at the end of the day, it’s all good.

Spoon (Loosely)

couple spooning

Who doesn’t like to spoon?! It’s extremely intimate, conveys feelings of trust and if the two of you are the kind who like to “bump” into things in the middle of the night, you won’t have to do too much switching up in this position. 

Interestingly enough, only 18-percent of couples sleep in this position on a regular basis. Some relationship experts say it’s because some partners are really selfish in bed—umm, when it comes to their sleeping positions—so they don’t want to share so much of their personal space.

Face To Face

couple face to face in bed

For the couples who are more like, “Of course I love you; I still need some space, though,” try sleeping back to back while letting some part of your body touch each other. Maybe the backs of your feet or even your butts. It can make you feel comforted by each other without feeling too overcrowded.

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