Will Smith Says 'Star Wars' Was Better Than Doing The Deed, So Here's How To Change That

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We know, right? That’s a crazy lil' headline right there. And yes, actor Will Smith did say it, although we should probably put his statement into its proper context. For one thing, Will Smith has been a fan of science fiction since he was a child and when he saw the movie Star Wars for the first time, he was 10. The movie “blew him away” and he’s been trying to catch the feelings that it gave him ever since.

Reportedly he said this: “I had sex a few years later,” Smith deadpanned. “It was close, but no Star Wars.”

Ah. OK. We kinda get it. Kinda sorta. We’ve experienced some pretty cool things as children too. Let’s just say that we’re glad to be adults who can take a different sort of thrill ride—one that rivals anything else on the planet: past, present, or future.

If you can’t personally relate, if there’s something you’d rather do than have sex, maybe the following tips will change your mind. Or shoot, at least make you want to do it while your favorite film is on. 

We’ll even settle for that!

Drink A Lot Water (Ahead Of Time)

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If you’re both fans of oral sex but not always happy about how things taste down there, a simple remedy is to drink more water. It flushes out the toxins in the body and that can make fluids a lot more pleasant. So does citrus fruit. So does laying off of caffeine. So does cinnamon (especially if he eats some of it).

Kiss More

couple kissing

If there are two times when the “love hormone” known as oxytocin shows up and shows out, it’s during an orgasm and during a long, passionate kiss. 

Research reveals that both men and women enjoy sex more when kissing is involved, so make that a huge part of your foreplay—and the main act.

Use Flavored Lipstick

woman putting on lipstick

Guess why lipstick was invented. It was so that men could look at the “top lips” and be reminded of the “bottom ones”. To this day, a man can’t turn down a pair of soft, bright red lips. 

Take things up a notch by putting a coat of flavored lip gloss on them. You can even make some of your own.

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