5 Signs The Guy You're Dating Is Slowly But Surely Distancing Himself From You

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At some point, we all date a guy we really like who ends up losing interest in us and the entire relationship. It's inevitable. And when it happens, it sucks. We're not going to lie to you, it sucks hard. You're blindsided by rejection and there's nothing you can do about it. 

Or...is there? 

Sometimes (actually, always), you can kind of tell when a guy is losing interest in the relationship. He starts distancing himself from you, and he stops doing the things he did when you first started going out. What we're saying is, there are signs. Here are five signs that might mean your guy is getting ready to cut ties with you. 

He's Stopped Calling/Texting

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Maybe he hasn't shut off conversation with you completely (if he did, that would be a sure fire sign that he's done), but he's definitely stopped calling you just to chit-chat and talk about your day. Instead of calling, he relies on short text messages to communicate. Sound about right? Not every guy is a huge texter. But if he's recently stopped calling as much, and he's recently stopped texting, it sounds like he's got one foot out the door. 

He Avoids Making Plans

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Okay, so being "busy" is an excuse that we can (sometimes) get behind. But, if you're texting him in the morning about hanging out later that day and he can't seem to commit because "something with work might come up," we don't know about that one. Especially if he does that all freaking time! Committing to plans should be easy and if he's unable to do that, it's because he doesn't want to. 

He Talks More About His Future

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In the beginning, he talked about the future you two would have together. It was "we" everything. But now, he's swapped "we" with "I." He says things like, "I'd love to travel around the world for a year" or, "I think I might take a vacation next summer." The pronouns he uses says a lot about where he thinks the relationship is going. 

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