Having A Great Time In Bed Can Actually Make You Smarter

woman ready to have some great sex

The next time your partner rolls over and you’re tempted to say “I’m not feelin’ it,” perhaps this will change your mind! There is a study that revealed that people who engage in great sex (consistently, we might add), are actually smarter than those who don’t.

No, your man didn’t put us up to saying this. There’s real documentation to support the fact that not only does great sex de-stress you while encouraging you to tap into your creative abilities, it can also sharpen your cognitive thinking as well. This is especially the case if you’re a dirty talker because the more you say, the more it refines your verbal fluency (i.e., word-finding skills).

What especially caught our attention is couples who have sex no less than a couple of times a week (a smart move on its own, if you ask us) are also able to remember more, which increases retention as well as productivity, both at home and at work. Plus, as couples strive to improve their sex lives, listening to their partner, being experimental and being vulnerable to trial and error help to boost their brain power too. It's because they're not just "doing it" but thinking about sex and what can be done to turn it into GREAT SEX.

Just what is great sex exactly? Let’s start with the kind where you’re not faking anything just to get it over with. If you need a few tips to get your creative juices flowing so that this won’t be the case, we’ve got a couple of suggestions in mind. Here are 6 things that will get your libido going, ultimately making you much smarter!

Walk Around Naked

man saying "take off your clothes"

It’s proven that men are visual creatures. A lot of women are too. Sometimes you can get each other in the mood without doing anything other than walking around naked, aka visual stimulation.

Make breakfast in the buff. Watch television in nothing but a thong. Spend an entire Saturday in the nude. 

If you're both naked and try to restrain yourself for as long as possible, that will make giving in even hotter!

“Talk The Walk”

dirty talk

Don’t underestimate the influence of dirty talk when it comes to having great sex! If you don’t really know how to do it, start by sending your partner some texts about what your favorite memories of sex with them is like. Or, while you’re reading in bed, mention what you really like done to you. 

Dirty talk is a creative way of getting the mind in the mood so that the body is more willing to go wherever your thoughts want to.

Create Some Sex Cards

playing cards

On the way home tonight, stop by the store to pick up some blank index cards. Then ask your partner to jot down some of their fantasies. You do the same. 

Break the fantasies up into three piles: ones you want to do, ones that the other partner doesn’t and ones that you’ll save for later. 

From the first pile, commit to doing one of them now (or over the next couple of days). From the third pile, save that for a special occasion (it’ll give you both something really exciting to look forward to!).

It's the game two can play and have a super sexy time doing it!

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