A 'Grey's Anatomy' Spinoff Is In The Works! Here's Everything We Know So Far

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Every time we learn a little more, we can’t help but get excited all over again!

New details emerged about the long-hyped Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, and it looks like the show finally has their captain.

When we say captain, we, of course, mean fire captain. It’s been long known that this unnamed show would still be taking place in Seattle and in the existing Grey’s universe, but instead of doctors, this time we’ll be watching firefighters.

And now we have the chief. Miguel Sandoval, best known recently for his role in Medium, signed on to play Captain Pruitt, a respected and beloved leader of men. Sandoval will be joined by Jaina Lee Ortiz (Rosewood), Grey Damon (Aquarius), Barrett Doss and more. They're even stealing Jason George—better known as Dr. Ben Warren—from the hospital to star in the new show!

And there's even more good news for longtime fans of Grey’s: Shonda Rhimes, who’s been running the show since 2005, will be spearheading this new project as well. “No one can interweave the jeopardy firefighters face in the line of duty with the drama in their personal lives quite like Shonda," according to a studio rep, "and Grey's signature Seattle setting is the perfect backdrop for this exciting spinoff."

Of course, as any fan of the original series knows, Shonda has a habit of playing with fan’s emotions and absolutely destroying them with tragic surprises. You can check out some of the most traumatic scenes in Grey’s history here!

The Ferry Crash

grey's anatomy

Not only did a massive boat smash straight into solid land, but we almost lost Meredith to drowning on the same day!

The Bomb

grey's anatomy

Seriously, losing the bomb squad guy was an emotional blow no one should have had to live through.

The Shooting

grey's anatomy

It's sad to say, but a show set in modern America wouldn't feel legit if there wasn't some sort of gun violence.

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