Donald Trump Slurred His Words During A Speech & Twitter Has Some VERY Interesting Theories About It

Donald Trump and Mike Pence
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During a speech at the White House yesterday announcing that the United States now recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump began to have trouble with his words. A very prominent lisp came out of nowhere during the last minute of the speech, but Trump continued without pausing and left the podium like it never happened.

Trump has yet to acknowledge that anything unusual happened during the speech, and in a video produced by the White House (which he tweeted), that section of the speech was not used. There have also been claims that Trump's signature last night was a little off, which suggests that it was more than a slip of the tongue.

Twitter was quick to pick up on the slurring and wondered what the hell was going on. Read on to see a few of the theories people have been batting around.

Mini Stroke

Mini Stroke

Some said that he should seek medical attention immediately because the signs clearly pointed to him having a stroke.


Every late night host went on Trump and his alleged denture malfunction. The #DentureDonald hashtag took over and the jokes kept coming.



Some thought maybe Trump had a little too much to drink before the speech, but that doesn't explain how he made it through most of it just fine.

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