Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweeted A Naked Dating Show And It Was Just As Hilarious As You'd Expect

chrissy teigen naked dating show
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Nearly four years ago, Christine Diane Teigen pressed "send" on one of the most important tweets of modern times:

This past weekend, she may have finally gotten her answer to that stumper thanks to a group of British reality show contestants who let it all hang out — and by "all," we really do mean ALL.

Allow us to explain: So Ms. Teigen and her daughter, Luna, were in London over the weekend while John Legend was performing in the British capitol. (You know, just your average family vacation.)

While relaxing at their hotel, the 31-year-old model decided to seize the opportunity to take in some of the local culture by flipping through local TV, and wound up with a face full of strangers' genitals when she stumbled upon a show called Naked Attraction.

According to BuzzFeed, the dating show makes its contestants look at strangers' genitals and then decide who they want to date based on their attraction/dislike of said private parts. (We couldn't make this up.) Apparently it's on in the U.K. every Monday at 10 p.m., and Chrissy just happened to catch an episode.

As Refinery29 pointed out, she couldn't pass up the chance to live-tweet the entire show — and her commentary is pure comedy GOLD.

After getting over the initial shock of seeing uncensored gonads on her television, Chrissy started imagining herself as one of Naked Attraction's contestants.

She was particularly amused by a contestant named Josh, who apparently has feet that are "too big" for his own liking.

When room service briefly interrupted Chrissy's Naked Attraction binge to deliver her meal, she sneakily switched it the TV to a different channel.

Apparently all the talk about "pp's" and balls got Chrissy thinking about her own assets, which prompted her to examine her own buttcheek, where she noticed "some sort of bites or rash" from a recent snorkeling trip. That led to a pretty interesting text to her doctor back home:

Overall, though, it sounds like she had a lovely evening — and (hopefully) learned a thing or two about where pee is stored.

When in London, you know?

While most of us would never dream of tweeting about our nether regions to a couple million followers, it's no big deal for chronic oversharer-in-chief Christine Diane Teigen. Scroll through our gallery to see her most hilariously revealing quips from the past couple years!

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chrissy teigen tweet 5

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