Chrissy Teigen Just Put Her 'Sh*tty Friends' On BLAST For Selling Stories About Her To The Tabloids

chrissy teigen
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Chrissy Teigen has just about had it with fake friends. 

The 32-year-old model took to Twitter Tuesday to call out her "sh*tty" pals that sell stories about her to celebrity gossip sites. 

After E! News cited an "unnamed source close to her" in a piece detailing Teigen's pregnancy cravings earlier this week, the cookbook author went OFF: "You guys should do a service to all the celebs who give you hourly content and say who your sources are so we can get rid of the sh*tty 'friends' in our lives who sell you stories," she wrote. 

A fan gave her a pretty genius way to identify the people selling her out:

But sadly, Chrissy just doesn't have the lying skills to pull it off:

In case you're still curious about those aforementioned cravings, by the way, read on for all the foods she's loved during this pregnancy as well as her first!


chrissy teigen eating a cheeseburger

"Chrissy loves cheeseburgers," the source told E! News.

I've never seen someone so happy eating a cheeseburger, so this source must know their stuff.

Anything Sweet

chrissy teigen eating a cupcake gif

If you are what you eat, then Chrissy must be sweet as hell.

The model shared a lengthy list of her favorite sweets on Twitter during her first pregnancy, which is as follows: "Crack pie, corn cookies and cereal milk from Milk Bar Store nyc, croissants w raspberry jam at hotel bel air LA. blue star donuts in venice beach. Ice cream sandwiches at coolhaus, orange cream milkshake at mel's drive-in LA, sour cream blueberry pie at marie callender's, cherry pie @ sweet lady jane LA, serendipity cold hot chocolate, crepes & macarons at laduree."

Fried Chicken

john legend trying to take fried chicken off chrissy teigen's butt

"She loves french fries, chips, and anything fried or spicy," the insider continued.

Chrissy had added her two cents on Twitter: "The best hot chicken on the planet is Hattie Bs in Nashville," she declared in that same food rant last year. "I gotta say I did very much enjoy KFC's version the other day (not joking)"

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