Candy Cane Eyeliner Is THE Makeup Trend To Try This Holiday Season

candy cane eyeliner via Pinterest

Candy canes aren't just for enjoying as a minty treat or decorating your Christmas tree. The seasonal candy is also a fun design to use for makeup. Candy cane eyeliner, in particular, is trending. You can wear it to a holiday party, to your gift exchange at work, or when celebrating at your family Christmas gathering.

Take a look at some of the unique ways to wear candy cane eyeliner. Just remember, it will really make you stand out this holiday season!

Star Of The Show

candy cane eyeliner

Give your eyes all the attention with a candy cane eyeliner design that steals the show. Keep the rest of your look natural and sweet.

Red Lips & A Punch Of Pink

candy cane eyeliner with red lips and pink eye shadow

Glam up your candy cane eyeliner look with a bold red lip. Then apply pink eye shadow above the crease for an extra punch of color.

Big Drama

candy cane eyeliner look

Go all out with that candy cane eyeliner by covering your entire eyelid. Gradually get thinner at the outer edges to create a cat-eye for extra drama. Then, use a deep red lip color to complete your look.

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