7 Major Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life Between The Sheets

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Have you ever wondered why people who practice yoga regularly always seem so relaxed and happy? It could be because they’ve found their true calling or because they’ve reached a permanent state of mindfulness. Or—now, hear me out—it could be because they have a bangin’ sex life (no pun intended).

Yeah, that’s right. Yoga has a legit connection to the quality of your sex life and can really up your game under the covers. 

You’re probably thinking, “How can twisting my body into unnatural shapes make me better at sex?” Well, while most yoga positions aren’t exactly erotic, practicing them consistently can reconnect you to your body, therefore bringing you more pleasure in bed.

Here's how!

Yoga Helps You Be In The Moment

woman doing yoga

Stress and anxiety are mega boner-killers, especially for women. If your mind is focused on that project you haven't finished or those bills you still owe, there's no way you'll enjoy getting it on. Yoga, as studies show, can help decrease stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel more present and be in the moment. In other words, yoga lets you turn off your brain and focus your energy on your partner.

Yoga Strengthens The Right Muscles

yoga pose on wood floor

Certain yoga poses can really help to open your hips and strengthen muscles around the pelvis, especially the pelvic floor. And for ladies, having a strong pelvic floor can lead you to better orgasms. Plus, downward-facing dog, plank, chaturanga and many more positions can strengthen your core, which is incredible useful for stamina in the sheets.

Yoga Increases Flexibility

flexibility yoga pose

We all know yoga makes you more flexible, and being flexible is sexy. It helps you explore the infinite spectrum of sex positions in and out of the bedroom. But, flexibility also helps prevent you from pulling a muscle or hurting yourself during said exploration. Pulling something in the middle of intercourse is incredibly unsexy.

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