5 Ways To Replicate The Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends (Without Going Under The Knife)

Kylie Jenner
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Once upon a time, fashion, hairstyles, and makeup color palettes were trends that women followed from season to season. These days duck lips, nose jobs, big boobs, and huge booties are all the rage. Made famous by some of your favorite celebrities, women are going to great lengths to make somewhat permanent changes to their bodies.

But what happens when thin is in again? Will women spend the time and money to go under the knife? Not only is it tough to reverse some of these more commonly-performed procedures, but it is expensive. Is it worth it?

If you believe that it isn't, but you still want to get in on the fun, consider these five plastic surgery hacks that are non-invasive and require no time away from your daily life. You may find it much easier to keep up with the latest trends!

Learn A Good Contouring Technique

nose contouring

You can slim your nose or accentuate your cheeks with a little practice using makeup only. 

Invest In Shapewear


If you want a bigger booty or a flatter stomach, then buy some undergarments that'll force the shape you want. 

Find A Lip Plumper

lip plumpers

Pass on the lip injections and get a good cosmetic plumper. It's quick, easy, and affordable.

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