15 Things You Can Buy To Let Everyone Know You're A Woke Feminist

@shop.kiddbell via Instagram

In today's world with a president like Trump and a band of followers that are just as stupid, women need to stick together. The resistance needs strong feminist women and men, people of color, people with disabilities, people from other marginalized communities to fight for their rights. And looking fly while we are fighting the good fight doesn't hurt either. Check out these 15 things you can buy to let everyone know you're a woke feminist.

Phenomenal Women Shirts

phenomenal women shirt

Funds from these shirts go directly towards organizations like Girls Who Code, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and others. You can buy these phenomenal shirts here.

Pussy Grabs Back Shirt

pussy grabs back t shirt

The best way to say "F you" to our sexist president. You can shop this pussy tee here.

When Black Women Succeed Shirt

black women succeed t shirt

Everyone needs to own this shirt, it should be a closet requirement. You can shop this tee here.

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