12 Essential Tools That Will Help You Stay As Organized As Humanly Possible

organized work desk

Confession: I kind of live in disarray. Sometimes I know where things are, but I usually accept that they've fallen victim to disastrous levels of clutter and bid them farewell. I keep 1000 tabs open on my computer (which I've lost track of, at this point), and my phone is a jumbled mess of pictures, music, and various other files. After realizing how easier life would be if I could manage to stay organized, I did some digging around and found some great tools for maintaining organization. Here are 12 essential tools to help you (and me) stay organized across all aspects of life. 

Peel & Stick Dry Erase Board

peel and stick dry erase board

Hate having to write notes on different sheets of paper, only to lose them later? Don't have a lot of room to hang a traditional white board? This peel & stick dry erase board solves both of those problems, and is perfect for brainstorming ideas and keeping track of assignments, reminders and more. 

Buy it here.

Clear Organizers

clear containers for office supplies

Clear organizers are great for containing little knickknacks around the office like highlighters, pens, markers, and other items that are easy to lose. Try placing them on easily accessible places like shelves, desks or tables.

Buy them here.

Google Keep

Google Keep

I have over a dozen notes in my phone for various causes, and to be honest, it sucks having to click between them all the time to retrieve information. Google Keep, a free app, is great for compiling different lists like gift ideas, movies to watch, work-to-do lists, or even grocery lists. It can also transcribe words from images, which is a huge time-saver.

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