Planning To Pierce Your Nipples? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know First!

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It’s not usually the kind of topic of conversation that casually comes up, but make no mistake about it: you’ve probably got at least one friend who has their nipples pierced. At the very least, you know of at least one celebrity who’s done it before (Rihanna comes to mind).

If you’re someone who’s been seriously contemplating doing it yourself and A) you and pain are mortal enemies and/or B) you wonder what level of drama is involved during and after the piercing process, here are some things that you should definitely know before making the decision to (whew!) pierce your nipples:

You’ll Need To Go To A Reputable Tattoo Parlor

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You only have two nipples; they must be handled with extreme care. Please do your own online research to find a tattoo parlor that specializes in body piercings. Look for reviews on no less than three to five sites, call and ask specifically what their procedure is and anything else you want to know. Based on how polite, thorough and professional they are, make your final decision and book an appointment.

All Nipples Can Apply

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It doesn’t matter if your nipples are small, inverted or even flat, a professional is going to be able to pierce your nipples. In fact, sometimes an inverted nipple can actually be pushed out as a result of the piercing.

It Does Hurt

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Yes, it hurts. How much basically depends on your threshold for pain. Most claim that it falls into the category of “highly uncomfortable” than anything else. 

Also, seeing blood is normal, not just when you get your piercings but for about a week later. If you’re still bleeding after that or you start to notice some oozing, contact your piercer to make sure you don’t have a low-grade infection.

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