Here's Everything You NEED To Know About The 'Big O'

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Orgasm. It’s one of those words that all of us have a general idea what the definition is (the peak of a sexual climax), but when’s the last time you really stopped to think about what’s actually happening when you have one?

As a woman, whenever you experience an orgasm, it’s the result of (usually) foreplay that has caused you to become so stimulated that blood rushes to your vaginal area, including your clitoris (which literally has thousands of nerve endings in it). The more turned on you become, the more blood circulation increases and the more your natural lubricants increase. 

If you’re not (physically or mentally) interrupted and the stimulation continues, there is a build-up of tension in your nerves and muscles as it relates to your genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and even your thighs. They all release at once, and that? That is an orgasm. (Anyone need a drink now?)

Now that the specifics of an orgasm have been broken down, we figured we’d provide a few more FYIs on it. Look at this as a quickie fact sheet that can keep you (and yours) in the loop of what you should — and shouldn't —do if you want to have as many “Big Os” as possible. (And really, who doesn’t?!)

They “Age” Like Fine Wine

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Don’t believe the hype that these young girls are out here having better sex and more orgasms than you are! Various studies reveal that while 61-percent of the women between the ages of 18-24 climaxed the last time they had sex, a whopping 70 percent did for the women in their 40s and 50s! (Condom use doesn’t affect these stats, by the way.)

80-Percent Struggle With “The Big V-O”

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There’s orgasms and then there’s vaginal orgasms. If you happen to be struggling with having an orgasm strictly from penile penetration, you are certainly not alone. 

Most women struggle. Some things to improve this include being well-lubricated, finding your G-spot, getting into certain positions, putting a pillow underneath you and taking your time.

Multi-Task To Increase Your Chances

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If all you’re thinking about is how and when you’re going to have an orgasm, you’re probably going to stress yourself right out of having one. Lots of foreplay, switching up positions, and (get this), being willing to chill out, laugh and have fun are all ways to distract yourself right into your goal: the Big O!

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