These Surprising Facts About The Titanic Will Keep You Up At Night

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When talking about the Titanic, we usually would refer to the high-grossing movie that hit the screens two decades ago. In fact, to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary, it will return to the theaters in December for a one-week run.

But we all know that the Titanic was more than just Jack and Rose. As of today, it remains as one of the worst disasters in maritime history. And although we are all familiar with the tragedy, there are many interesting facts, haunting even, about the luxury liner that most people don't know.

Here are a few little-known trivia tidbits about the RMS Titanic, proving that the "unsinkable" ship is still fascinating as ever!

It Took Almost Three Hours For The Boat To Sink


After RMS Titanic hit the massive iceberg, it took only two hours and forty minutes for it to be completely submerged under the water despite the ship's size.

It Could Have Avoided The Crash If It Wasn't For One Mistake


The iceberg the ship ultimately hit was already spotted one minute before the collision, but First Officer William McMaster Murdoch hesitated for a bit and waited 30 seconds to order the ship to turn. Experts believe that if it weren't for this fatal delay, Titanic might have avoided the crash altogether.

A LifeBoat Drill Was Scheduled The Same Day It Sank


A lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on the very day the Titanic sank, but was canceled by the captain for unknown reasons.

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