Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Bae That Are Actually Scary AF

"Purge" characters
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Halloween is here (well...almost). And this year, maybe instead of sitting at home, passing out candy, you'll be participating in the festivities with your special someone (although, sitting in the house passing out candy is a totally okay thing to do, too). But before you and your bae decide to throw on a sheet and call yourselves "ghosts," take a look at this list. Here are a few Halloween costume ideas you and your current flame can wear on the world's creepiest of nights.

Pyramid Head & A Monster

Silent Hill Costumes

Have you ever seen the movie, Silent Hill? If you have, you know how incredibly scary the monsters in that movie are. And who could forget about Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2? Creepy! And you can bring that creepy to life. Have bae dress up as Pyramid Head and you can be one of the creepy monster things!

Harley Quinn & The Joker

Harley Quinn and the Joker

Everyone knows Harley Quinn & The Joker. So right off the bat, these two costumes will get a ton of attention. Just make sure your makeup is really on point, for both of these, so you can really WOW your audience. 


Skeleton costume

If this picture didn't make you go, "Eeeekkk" you need to get your eyesight checked! These skeletons are dope, and you and your boyfriend can look this scary too. Either go to a professional makeup artist or hit up youtube/Instagram for some tutorials. 

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