Your Mom Is The Reason Why You're Smart, Science Says So

Your Mom Is The Reason Why You're Smart, Science Says So

Mothers know best indeed. Sorry dads all over the world, science says kids get their intelligence from their moms.

A new study published on Psychology Spot determined that a child's intelligence is most likely to be passed on from his or her mother because of the X chromosome. Women have two of these while men only have one. And even if your father may have passed off some of his intelligence to you, chances are, they won't exactly have an impact on you since they only work if they come from your mom.

These smart genes are accumulated in the cerebral cortex, where intelligence, thought, language, planning and other cognitive functions are developed.

If you find this unbelievable, back in 1994, The Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in the US did a study on mothers. A total of 12,686 young people between the ages 14 and 22 were interviewed. The questions were mainly focused on the children's IQ, race, education and socioeconomic status. And guess what the best predictor of intelligence is? The IQ of their moms.

But this isn't to say that fathers don't pass on stuff their kids - "obviously, other genes work the opposite, are activated only if they come from the father," according to the study.

Thanks to our dads, their genes are gathered in areas of the "emotional brain", also known as the limbic system. It its responsible for ensuring our survival, and is involved in functions like sex, food and aggression, which isn't so surprising, really.

So while we get our smarts from our moms, it's all about the partnership and the way our cognitive and limbic systems influence one another that help us make sane decisions. 

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