Kate Hudson Literally KILLS IT In This Crazy-Good A Cappella Performance

kate hudson

The least-talked about thing in Hollywood is Kate Hudson's singing chops, and it's been this way for years.

Everyone knows and loves Kate Hudson for her easy charm, spot on humor and acting roles in our favorite romantic comedies — but not enough people know that this lady can belt it when she wants.

Recently Kate gave another slide-under-the-radar performance that, as usual, knocked everyone's socks off.

So yeah, Kate can do that. And she's been doing that for years, which makes her whole aura even more impressive. It seems like every actress with a half-decent voice tries at some point to take on a singing career, if only to push some specific agenda.

But the fact that Kate Hudson has an honest-to-God amazing voice and has never tried to cash in on it makes the whole thing that much more awesome. 

The problem is that most of her brief appearances come in Insta-sized clips that leave us wanting way, way more. For example, this quick little snippet of her taking on one of the hardest songs for any singer to nail:

...Come on, we need the full performance! Kate Hudson for Super Bowl half time show, anyone?

One of the rare full performances of Kate Hudson singing is when she performed Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U" at a charity event in 2016 hosted by her mother, Goldie Hawn. 

As expected, Kate nailed it, while looking predictably Kate Hudson-esque sophisticated and chic:

Not only is her voice stellar, but that song is one of the original tear jerkers, so it's always nice for someone to take a stab at it and give us a fresh coat of paint for one of our favorite songs. 

It doesn't seem likely that Kate will ever come out of the woodwork fully with some sort of singing career. If she wanted to, she probably would have done it by now, which means that we might have to satisfy ourselves with the occasional blurry YouTube video of Kate crooning in a dark bar. 

Unless we can think up some singing roles for her to star in a film for... 

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