Would You Keep Dating A Guy You Liked If You Found Out He Supported Trump?


Everyone knows that talking about politics is a sure-fire way to stir up trouble, whether it’s at the family dinner table or in a relationship. For years, many people kept to the whole not-bringing-up-politics-thing in order to keep the peace, but this is no longer a philosophy that we can abide by. In the era of Trump, people’s lives and wellbeing are at risk and NOT bringing up politics is much more dangerous and offensive than bringing them up. Many of us actually no longer have the privilege to keep such issues out of the conversation.

Politics have become synonymous with a person’s character and morals, in which a person’s political party or presidential preference is very telling of who they are as a person. Since before his campaign even started, Trump has been very forthcoming about his beliefs regarding women, people of color, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and basically any other marginalized community. These beliefs have since transferred into policies and legislation that limit and even outright abolish the rights of these communities of people. So basically, any person that supports him or his political party is therefore in support of these beliefs and these policies, AKA trash. And relationships all across the U.S. are paying the price.

Not only have there been high status breakups and divorce, like between Anthony Scaramucci and his wife who filed for divorce upon witnessing his political preferences, Trump-related breakups are trending on all levels. More and more people are choosing to be very upfront about their political affiliations, as seen by an increase of disclosing this information on dating sites, in an effort to weed out potential partners that don't share their beliefs. Politics have entered the bedroom (not the best place TBH) and they are critical in determining whether that bedroom will have a happy couple in it or not.

It's become apparent that a political party no longer just reflects political beliefs, but social and moral beliefs as well. Would you be able to keep dating a boo that supports Trump? That depends, do you believe in human rights? If yes, then you have your answer.

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