This Is The Best Time Of Day To Get It On According To Science


Let's be real, there's never a bad time to have sex. Whether you're starting your day off with a good ol' romp in the sheets or your waking up at 2am to bone, getting it on is always a good decision. Because as we all know, sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

But just because we know sex is always going to be pretty good, that doesn’t mean we can’t do everything in our power to make it as good as it can possibly be. And one of the ways that can make sex even better is by having it at a specific time of day. According to science, that time of day is in the afternoon, around 3pm.

So what makes afternoon delight better than sex at any other time of day? Hormones. According to Alissa Vitti, holistic health counselor and author of the book WomanCode, the hormone levels of men and women reach specific points during this time of day for the most orgasm-inducing sexy time.

In men, testosterone peaks in the morning, but then begins to fall around mid-afternoon to be replaced by estrogen, which is the hormone we mostly associate with women. However, men produce this hormone too, and when it rises in the afternoon, men are more emotionally present and are better able to listen to and satisfy a woman's needs. Score.

In women, cortisol levels are high in the afternoon, which causes our energy levels to spike, making a little romp in the hay a perfect solution for our newfound energy. According to our hormones, 3pm is the time that men and women should get busy because the way they affect our bodies make it the best scenario for some toe-curling action.

With regard to what time of month is best for doing the nasty nasty, the 10 days or so after ovulation is the perfect window. Women's estrogen and testosterone levels shoot through the roof, along with our libidos. 

So ladies (and gentlemen) check your calendars and find out when you can both sneak away for afternoon delight that will leave you feeling more than delighted.

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