Stop Making This One Common Moisturizing Mistake To Save Your Skin

Moisturizing hack
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We make a lot of mistakes when it comes to proper care of our faces, hair, and skin, but according to Birdie, this is the number one moisturizing mistake that every woman makes:

We don't listen to our skin.

Okay, okay, that sounds a little cheesy at first. Who has the time to 'listen' to their pores? Who has the money to buy the most expensive mini-tub of creme that will 'listen' for us?

But it's honestly true. By 'not listening' to our skin, this is what Birdie means: we often put too much or too little of the wrong moisturizer on our skin because we're viewing our skin as a constant rather than a variable.

Skin changes just as much as we do. Your oily skin from five months ago might not be the same as the dry, flaky skin you're dealing with now. And by using the same moisturizer as a one-size-fits-all deal, we're not listening to what's actually going on beneath the surface.

One of the side effects of this behavior is the confusion between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Birdie spoke with esthetician Renee Roulea, who clarified that "dry skin is lacking oil, while dehydrated skin is lacking water."

Here's what Renee had to say about dehydrated skin, moisturizing correctly, and learning to listen to your skin:

"With the popularity in getting the skin to glow and look dewy and radiant, along with continued awareness on aging smartly, people are choosing moisturizers that include heavy oils and emollients... while a rich moisturizer certainly feels like it's doing a good job, getting more oil than the skin needs can lead to clogged pores and potentially increased breakouts. If your skin is truly dry, then yes, oil is what your skin needs, but if you have any underlying oil (example, if you ever get a breakout, even if occasionally), then your skin has oil in there somewhere, which means less oil is needed."

Not sure if your skin is dehydrated or dry? Neither did we, until they broke it down.

Dehydrated skin will have small pores, feel tighter, and show more fine lines. If your skin is in this condition, it's time to invest in moisture.

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