This Badass Video Of Britney Spears Working Out Is #LifeGoals

This Badass Video Of Britney Spears Working Out Is #LifeGoals

Did you know that Britney came into our life almost 20 years ago! She's been killing it hard for almost two decades and she just can't stop.

It's not enough that Britney is still dropping albums and doing a huge Las Vegas show at least two days a week while raising kids, but she's also entertaining us on Instagram while she's keeping it tight and right.

Britney might be 35, but her body looks better than ever. That isn't just magic and good genes (though she definitely has great genes and probably access to magic). She works for it.

Recently, Brit Brit posted a video of one of her workouts. It's amazing how she can look fierce and adorable at the same time. Oh, it's probably the kitty cat sports bra.

To top it off, this gym clip is set to "Fergalicious" which is somehow so totally perfect. It makes us want to see Brit cover the song in her show, though it wouldn't make a ton of sense. But who knows, maybe a "Britneylicious" track is on it's way.

Anyway, Britney's routine isn't anything fancy, but shows how she's strong and super dedicated to staying in shape. And she's lifting, girls! Don't be afraid to lift! Britney certainly doesn't look bulky and it's great to see she does more than cardio.

We get to see first hand that if you want a butt like Brit Brit, you gotta squat. Even Britney's repping out some simple squats and that's something anybody can add to their workout routine. It may take awhile to get a backside like Britney, but you'll be getting closer every day.

Also, her hair stays in a perfect little updo the whole time. That's just not fair.

It makes perfect sense that Britney's working it out when she's dancing on stage in stuff like this:

She's basically wearing electrical tape and looks awesome.

Everybody's loving her workout video. It's been up on Instagram for a while now and is racking up millions of views.

So, in case anyone was still wondering, Britney is back, bitch, and she's here to stay. And she's gonna look fierce as hell for another 20 years.

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