Um, So It Looks Like The Weeknd Might Be Dating One Of Justin Bieber's OTHER Ex-Girlfriends

the weeknd, justin bieber, and selena gomez
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Well, THIS is an interesting coincidence. 

Less than a week after splitting from Selena Gomez — who's now semi-officially dating Justin Bieber — The Weeknd was spotted with Bieber's other ex-girlfriend, Yovanna Ventura. 


The thickens.

A source told Us Weekly that the 27-year-old "Starboy" singer and Ventura, 21, were seen canoodling last Thursday, November 9, at rapper French Montana's Beverly Hills birthday party. 

“The Weeknd [né Abel Tesfaye] was there hand in hand with Yovanna Ventura all night,” the insider revealed. “They arrived together. They were holding hands. He was there for a solid two hours with her and everywhere they went they held hands.” (But were they holding hands?) 

Another source who witnessed their PDA is convinced that Tesfaye "was trying to make it obvious that he was with someone": "He was parading her around. ... They were pretty affectionate and were together the whole night."

It wasn't just a one-time thing, though: Tesfaye and Ventura, whom Bieber dated briefly back in 2015 — just after his split from Gomez — were photographed together in an SUV the very next evening as they left a nightclub. (Ventura, wearing a black tank top, sat in the backseat with Tesfaye as a pal rode shotgun.)

Gomez and Bieber, meanwhile, have reportedly decided to keep their relationship more "low key" since rekindling their relationship in early November following the "fizzling" of her and Tesfaye's 10-month fling.

I love this episode of Wife Swap!

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