Selena Or The Weeknd? Sources Reveal Which Star Called Off The A-List Relationship

selena gomez the weeknd

It’s been absolute heartbreak for all of us, and for days, fans of the former couple have been bickering back and forth about who’s to blame—well, now we know!

Drumroll, please…. The Weeknd broke up with Selena!

Apparently, it all happened weeks ago—this thing was falling apart for a long time. Due to both these superstar’s hectic schedules, they started seeing less and less of each other over the summer, and finally Abel had had enough.

Sources close to the singers claim The Weeknd called up Gomez and shared how he was feeling, saying that the passion was simply gone for him and explained that he felt tied down. While we don’t know all the specifics yet, it seems the two are still on good terms and have had friendly chats since the split.

If you’ve been following the headlines lately, then you’ve probably already put this next part together: Selena’s recent hang out with Justin Bieber was NOT related to the breakup. Tesfaye and Selena split long before that. So don't start bashing Biebs for interfering.

But even if this split has been understandably tough on all parties involved, it doesn’t seem to be affecting The Weeknd’s mood. Sources close to the musician also said that he was missing the freedom offered by single life, and shortly after the break-up story broke, he was caught enjoying that freedom once again with a mystery woman on the dance floor.

Grinding aside, it’s good to know Selena and Abel are still on good terms.

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