Ever Wonder What Would Happen If You Ate Nothing But Aphrodisiacs For A Day?!

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There’s a lot of talk about aphrodisiacs, but what exactly are they? Long story short, they are substances that have been proven to boost your libido. Certain herbs and spices (ginseng and cloves) are aphrodisiacs. Certain scents (like pumpkin and lavender oil mixed together) are aphrodisiacs. We don’t know who in the world tried it, but supposedly, even a tiger’s penis is an aphrodisiac!

And then there's the list of foods included in this category. Some of them include oysters (for a testosterone boost); asparagus (keeps your sex drive healthy); chocolate (it contains phenylethlamine, which triggers excitement); maca tea (gives you more stamina and boosts your libido) and even celery (increases a man’s pheromones when he sweats so that you’ll want him more). And that’s just for starters!

There are so many foods that supposedly put your libido into overdrive. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ate nothing but these known aphrodisiacs for an entire day? We did the research so you wouldn't have to.

Here were some key takeaways from one woman's sex-drive experiment.

A clinical sexologist told her that it would probably increase blood flow to her genitals and increase her body temperature, arousal and energy levels.

She had a variety of different proven aphrodisiac foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner (her husband joined in for lunch). And by the end of the day, she said she didn’t really feel any more interested in sex than she did before trying the experiment out. What is interesting, though, is that by the next day, her libido had a bit more of a “kick” to it (morning sex, anyone?).

Hmm. It seems to us that this kind of experiment would vary based on each woman’s lifestyle and diet before testing it out. Also, while we take vitamins and try to eat right, we can’t really say that taking one tablet or eating something for a single day made a dramatic difference. The key to any real change is consistency—consuming aphrodisiac foods is certainly no exception.

Is there anything you can do to instantly increase your libido? Unfortunately, it probably won't happen instantly. But, if you get more sleep, drink more water, apply some sandalwood oil (to balance out your hormones), walk out in the sun (Vitamin D is a libido booster) and stay away from microwavable popcorn (the chemicals the bags are made out of are proven to tank sex drives), then you’ll be well on your way.

Oh, and be sure to kiss and cuddle more. Oxytocin is a natural hormone in the body that makes you want to get closer to your partner.

Other than that, add some sort of aphrodisiac in your diet as much as possible on a daily basis. Even if it doesn’t turn you into a raging sex maniac, at the very least, it’ll be good for your health!

The healthier you are, the sexier you’ll feel and who knows what that may lead to...

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