Olivia Wilde & Candice Swanepoel Just Got Real AF About Breastfeeding

Olivia Wilde & Candice Swanepoel Just Got Real AF About Breastfeeding
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There are few parenting issues debated more hotly than breastfeeding. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should and shouldn't do with breast milk, regardless of whether they can produce it or not. 

As a new mom, Olivia Wilde is all too familiar with "breastfeed-splaining" — and she's fed up with it.

"It should be a choice for everyone. I don’t like the idea of breastfeeding being forced on anyone or anyone feeling guilty," Wilde told People

Wilde and hubby Jason Sudeikis welcomed a daughter named Daisy Josephine in October 2016. The 32-year-old actress has gotten real AF about the whole experience on her Instagram account, from the time she had to pump milk into mason jars at an Airbnb to misleading breast pump ads on Amazon.

“(Breastfeeding) is not easy — it’s messy," Wilde said. "Like 90 percent of the time you are soaked in milk. It is a difficult thing. But it is, personally for me, a great experience."

Along the same lines, the issue of breastfeeding in public has become a huge dispute — mostly because people see a mom feeding her baby and take it as an open invitation to give her their two cents. Pro tip: Maybe don't?

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel, another new mama, dished on breastfeeding-in-public-shamers a few weeks after Wilde spoke out. (Side note: Can we give these two a new mom talk show?)

"Many women today are shamed for breastfeeding in public, or even kicked out of public places for feeding their children," the 28-year-old South African model wrote on Instagram. 

She and fiancé Hermann Nicoli welcomed a son named Anacã in October, too.

"I have been made to feel the need to cover up and somewhat shy to feed my baby in public places but strangely feel nothing for the topless editorials I've done in the name of art..?" Swanepoel continued.

"The world has been desensitized to the sexualization of the breast and to violence on tv...why should it be different when it comes to breastfeeding?

"Breastfeeding is not sexual it's natural- Those who feel it is wrong to feed your child in public need to get educated on the benefits breastfeeding has on mother and child and intern on society as a whole."

Long story short: When it comes to breastfeeding, let the people who know it best — the moms themselves — do the talking.

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