Justin Bieber's Church Has A Dark History Of Sexual Abuse & Conversion Therapy

Justin Bieber praying

When Justin Bieber announced that he wasn't going to be finishing up his current tour, most thought it was likely due to exhaustion because the kid's been working since he came singing out of his mama's womb. Instead, he said it had to do with finding himself in a new church setting. Which, we're cool with. That's not weird. What is though, is all this stuff coming out about Justin Bieber's church, from anti-gay actions to sexual abuse allegations.

The Hillsong Church started back in 1993 (a whole year before Bieber was born) and since has become one of the mainstay mega churches out there, spreading from Australia to various spots around the world — including a few smack dab in the middle of New York City.

Now, it's become the sort of "cool" thing for young celebs to be a part of — kind of like how Madonna and Co. were all about Kabbalah a decade ago. Not only is Bieber a believer, but so are Kendall Jenner and his ex-honey Selena Gomez.


Okay, so it's kind of this trendy thing that celebs like Bieber and Madonna are a part of — only Kabbalah never had the types of negativity surrounding it, like Hillsong Church does. First of all, they ain't down with the gays. C'mon, it's 2017. Get with the program; love is love. Back in 2015, Carl Lentz told GQ that their church believed homosexuality was a sin. No surprise there. Many religions have taken that stance, but for celebs who have a wide variety of fans, this is not the best association to have.

Then there's the whole history involving sexual abuse. The Daily Beast aired out all Hillsong's dirty laundry last year when they revealed allegations that original pastor, Frank Houston, had abused at least nine kids in the '60s and '70s. One seven-year-old victim even spoke up, revealing all the nasty things Houston had allegedly done to him. Trust, if you are a parent — you'd want to do some pretty unnerving things to Houston if that was your child recounting those events.


Like with most big organizations, all of that seemed to be swept under the rug. No surprise, but while it may have disappeared into thin air back in the day, it's all coming back around now that Hillsong is considered *the* church of Justin Bieber. You can't really hide when one of the biggest names in music is attending your services.

Hopefully, all of this coming back into view will make Bieber, and all those other young celebs, think twice about where they pray.

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