Jimmy Kimmel Read Mean Tweets From Angry Trump Supporters & They're Absolutely RIDICULOUS

jimmy kimmel reads mean tweets from trump supporters
@RollingStone on Twitter

It's no secret that President Donald Trump's got a whole army of supporters on Twitter who will jump at the chance to defend him — and this week, Jimmy Kimmel got to know a few of them very well. TOO well, some might say...

“Last night on our show, if you missed it, I had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump," the 49-year-old host said on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "I explained that I understood why they did it, but encouraged them who deep down look back and feel like they made a mistake to just admit it and move on, and I have to say I think it might have worked. I really think I made a breakthrough and I base that on the thoughtful responses that I got on Twitter and Facebook."

Kimmel then shared some of the messages he received. Some highlights:

  • “Jimmy give me a break Jimmy. Nobody cares what you think you sound like a whining baby does Baby Jimmy want his bottle.”
  • “Why don’t you go somewhere like a different country if you don’t like our president and stop your crying on tv snowflake."
  • "Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of a demented little kid at a social gathering. Where the hell is this kid’s parents they should be arrested for giving birth to him!”

Kimmel was just one of many late-night hosts to criticize the president this week after Trump made some head-scratching remarks about the "alt-left" violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Though Kimmel appears to have been the only host to address Trump AND his supporters, we can't imagine Seth Myers', Stephen Colbert's, or Jimmy Fallon's social media accounts were safe from the Trump Train's wrath, either.

Play the clip below to hear Kimmel read all of his mean tweets, which will either crack you up or make you seriously question the state of America's education system. Either way, enjoy!

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