Jennifer Lopez Looks Back At Selena Quintanilla's Life 20 Years After 'Selena' Film: 'She Was A Star'

Jennifer Lopez
Getty Images

Selena Quintanilla was taken from this world too soon. Twenty-two-years ago, just a few weeks shy of her 24th birthday, the singer died at the hands of the former president of her fan club. But her star never lost its shine, and she is still as culturally relevant as ever.

During her short life, Selena made history and changed the landscape of the music industry. She pushed Tejano music to mainstream heights and broke barriers for up and coming Latin artists. She landed a total of seven No. 1 singles on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks charts, and six posthumous releases shot straight to No. 1 on the Top Latin Albums chart. The star also clinched a Billboard 200 No. 1 with her final studio LP, "Dreaming of You," a first for a Latin female act. 

Selena lived a life that made an imprint on society, and it was famously immortalized in a biopic starring no other than Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Spotify’s “¡Viva Latino!”, the singer and actress looked back on her role, and even revealed that it's her favorite movie performance to date.

 “It will never lose its impact,” she said of the 1997 biopic. “She was such a bright light, and she was such an amazing artist and such a talent. She was so damn talented. It’s like those things you’re born with, she just, she had the light inside her. She was a star.”

In 2015, during Selena's 20th death anniversary, Lopez paid homage to the late singer at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. As part of the tribute, she invited Selena's family to join her on stage for the performance. 

“It was awesome to be able to do that, that many years later—20 years later,” she said. “And to see her sister and her brother and see Chris [Perez] and the rest of her band that came out. They didn’t ask me to do that. It was my idea. I was like, ‘We should get her family out here! This is 20 years!'”

“It was a beautiful moment,” she recalled, “It was a privilege because in the movie I don’t get to sing the songs, so to be able to finally sing them was special for me.”

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