Charlottesville Terrorist's Own Mother Called 911 On Him Several Times For Violent Behavior

james alex fields

This may be the least surprising thing you’ll read today: James Alex Fields, the monster behind the Charlottesville car attack, has a serious history of violent behavior.

And not just against strangers and non-nazis, but even his own mother.

There were at least three phone calls made to 911 between 2010 and 2011—Fields was just 13 and 14-years old at the time.

In the most egregious case, a friend of Fields' mother was forced to make the call when he was threatening the Mom (who is in a wheelchair) with a 12-inch knife and spitting in her face. On that occasion, he was taken to juvenile detention for an unspecified amount of time.

The two other calls came from the mother herself, both when she was so scared of her teenage son that she needed the police involved. In one of those cases, she told him to stop playing video games, so he started hitting her in the head and aggressively covering her mouth. She literally hid in the bathroom until authorities arrived.

None of this is an excuse for hitting 20 protestors and killing one with your car— but the warning signs were there. 

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