Rape Victims In Arkansas Have To Get Their Rapist's Consent To Have An Abortion


There is not a single woman in my life who has not been sexually assaulted in some way. Whether that is unwanted touching or rape, every single woman has an experience where they were no longer in control of their body. It is terrifying. It is disgusting. It is filled with shame. Yet, conservative legislators continue to shame and put pressure on victims, refusing to give them the help that they need. 

In July 2017, Arkansas passed a law that refuses women to get abortions unless both parents agree on the termination of the pregnancy. What this means is that if you are sexually assaulted and become pregnant from that assault, then you need your rapist's permission before you get an abortion. 

I do not know about you, but this makes me physically ill. I do not even live in Arkansas and can only imagine what the women of the state are feeling right now.  

As someone who has been raped, this law is truly terrifying. When a woman is assaulted, she is not given the right to consent. Why on earth should she get the consent of her abuser to terminate her pregnancy? 

Another thing to consider is the rise in stealthing — poking holes in condoms so that ejaculation actually enters a woman and potentially impregnating them. Stealthers get off by spreading their seed. There is a zero percent chance that these egotistical abusers will want to stick around to raise a child. They just like the fact that they will have a child. Victims of stealthing in Arkansas might be left with an unwanted child from sex that they thought was protected. This is seriously screwed up. 

Do you want to know something else that will make you vomit about this law? Men across the state are tweeting and taking to social media about how necessary it is, that it was a long time coming. They claim that they have a right to the unborn fetus inside their partner. When are women ever going to receive the right to their body in the eyes of men, the government, and everywhere else?

Having an abortion is a right that women should have access to. We need to start treating women like human beings and not like possessions. Until then, we will continue to stand up and fight for our reproductive rights — especially when it comes to stupid laws like this one. 

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