BREAKING: Police Respond To Harvey Weinstein Suicide Threat

Harvey Weinstein
Getty Images

Things are looking even worse for Harvey Weinstein. 

Police responded to a 911 call made by Harvey Weinstein's daughter Remy on Wednesday morning around 10:30 A.M. after she called and said her father was suicidal. According to TMZ, Weinstein and his 22-year old daughter were in the midst of a heated argument at her house when it "spilled onto the street" and Harvey yelled at her, "You're making things worse!" then "flagged down a random vehicle driving past, begging for a ride."

Apparently, Remy convinced her father to go back into the house, and then the LAPD arrived. According to TMZ, "Law enforcement sources confirm officers responded to a call from Remy, who said her father was 'suicidal and depressed.' " However, Remy told officials that there were actually no suicidal comments or threats made, and that it was merely an argument.

Weinstein is supposedly still in L.A., but is said to be flying out of the country to check into sex addiction rehab as early as tonight.

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